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Key individuals

Peter Archard

Managing Director

Peter has 17 years recruitment experience in the field predominantly in the education recruitment market. He has successfully built up two start up companies into market leaders and owns one of the uk biggest education recruitment agencies.

Chard Christie is built on the same principles as his other successful companies including an honest and professional service to clients and candidates. Our job doesn’t stop when the candidate starts a position as we aim to support both parties through the initial stages of placement to ensure a longer and more successful outcome

Peter left London with his dog Frankie to relocate in dubai last year in order to be able to meet clients and candidates all over the world. Having recruited to the UAE from the uk for the last 3 years he believed that you cannot service your clients well enough by not being in the same country.

Advice to candidates on international relocation.

Embrace it. You only live once and the opportunities to meet new friends and experience new cultures Is something I appreciate every day.

Maria Roszewska

Candidate Resourcing Manager

Maria relocated to London over 12 years ago from her native Poland and has never looked back. Her educational background is in Business Management & Human Resource Management.

She is well versed in International Recruitment and is currently the Candidate Resourcing Manager at Chardchristie’s London Office.

Maria is certainly one of the people that thoroughly enjoys her job. Having an experience of leaving everything behind and moving to a completely new country for better opportunities, she can relate to all our candidates on both a professional and personal level and supports them every step of the way.

What advice would you give to candidates considering relocating?

Go for it ! Relocation might sound scary at first, new country, different culture, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime and what is there to lose? If not just for your professional development then definitely for the experience; there’s nothing better than getting paid to do what you love whilst traveling the world at the same time.

Alex Smith

Head of Business Development

Alex Smith is an experienced Education Recruiter who worked for Peter’s previous company for two years in London. Being an avid traveller and lover of adventure himself, he jumped at the opportunity to work with international clients; considering it a privilege to be able to help inspirational educators from around the world realise their own dreams of teaching and living abroad!

What do you do?

My team and I primarily focus on the client side of things at ChardChristie which, due to our outstanding model (and the occasional bribe of chocolate), is an easy thing to do! Our schools love our personal approach to recruiting; recognising how not only our impressive attraction, but also our unparalleled retention rate of the best international teachers, stems from what we consider a vital induction process that many others do not, and simply cannot, offer.

Any advice for teachers considering teaching abroad?

Why have you not booked your flight already?! Seriously, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do. I know it can sound a bit spontaneous, but the world is a big place – get out there and experience another culture! I understand the worry of moving to somewhere different (trust me, I’ve dealt with the exact same thing), but at ChardChristie we make it as smooth as possible: we prepare you with what to expect when living and working within the country, introduce you into the teaching community, and even help you find the best places to pursue your favourite hobbies! Do it!

Cindi Christie

Head of Liaison team

Cindi Christie, originally from Sunny Southern California, is a California state certified educator. With 12 years of international teaching experience, She joined Chardchristie Quality Recruitment as a liaison for teachers in the Middle East. Cindi was drawn to the UAE after a few years in Asia by the opportunities to explore and understand a culture that most have little experience of. Nine years later she has been afforded the privilege of countless travel opportunities, amazing lifelong friendships and connections and meeting her now husband. Most importantly though is the wonderful career and teaching experiences she has had with her school and students that she will carry with her long after her time in the UAE has finished.

Why should you teach in the UAE?

The UAE is a major travel hub geographically situated within hours of fabulous destinations. The UAE boast cuisine, shopping, sports, and events borrowed from countries all over the world to make you always feel like you have a little bit of home with you. The UAE is home to millions of expats, people like you who left familiar behind in search of an adventure. While transient in nature Dubai will undoubtedly provide you with friendships and connects that will last a lifetime. If none of this sounds appealing, take the average teaching salary, paired with complimentary accommodation in most cases and free health insurance and you have a recipe to save, save, save! The UAE is a great safe place for you to get your foot into international education, build your resume or spend your last teaching years enjoying sunshine and a tax free salary!